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Island - Peninsula

Rovinj’s life started on what used to be the island of Mons Albanus. The first archeological traces of life date back to the Bronze Age, and the old city started developing in the 3rd century.


City Palace

The seat of the City mayor and the entire city administration, once this was the Praetorian Palace whose "foundations" date back to 1308.


Town Clock

It is located on the main town square in Rovinj. It once represented the tower on the south corner of the former town walls.


Town Walls and Gates

As early as in the 7th century, Rovinj was surrounded by city walls that were subsequently strengthened by towers.


Balbi's Arch

Where the Balbi’s Arch stands today, there used to be the main gate to the fortified city of Porton della Pescheria.


Centre for Historical Research

Founded in 1968, it is situated in the immediate vicinity of the city palace. The Center disposes with a large library (more than 80.000 works) that has had the status of „Biblioteca depositaria del Consiglio d´Europa“ since 1995  – the library where the European Council's material, related to the issues from human rights and minority rights, is archived.


The Antonio Gandusio Theater

It is a visionary legacy of one of Rovinj’s mayors from the late 19th century, Nicolo de Califfi. It is interesting to know that he prepared the drawings for it himself and the building was completed in 1854.


Franciscan Monastery

The construction of this beautiful Baroque building started in 1702. The monastery belongs to a type of claustral city monasteries and, according to its integral parts, it is traditional and adjusted to the life of the monks and the wider community.


Church of St. Euphemia

This Venetian Baroque building and the largest monument in the city was restored between 1725 and 1736. The outside length of the church is 51.11 m and its width is 30.26 m.


Romanesque Church of the Holy Trinity

The most important and best preserved Romanesque building. It is located at Trg na lokvi, near the Bus Station. It is a seven-angle building containing in its interior a circular space with seven niches and a dome.


Other Churches in Rovinj


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