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Olive Oil Roads

The tradition of olive growing dates back to the old days when the old Romans recognized Istria’s fertile soil for the cultivation of the most famous Mediterranean elixir. We can find evidence about this in the archaeological findings located along the coast, that show how in that period Istria already had production capacities that were unique in their size on the wider area.
Up until today, olive growing has been progressively developing, both in the production and protection of autochthonous species and in the offer and presentation of the most delicious olive products. According to world standards, Istrian oils belong to the top quality ones, and you can taste them if you set off along the olive roads, with marked oil works and taverns owned by the best Istrian olive growers.

Olive growers from Rovinj

Uljara Novi Torač Rovinjsko Selo 50 Tel. +385(0)52816308,
Damir Dobravac Karmelo 1 Tel. +385(0)52813006,
Guido Zanini Zagrebačka 14 Tel. +385(0)52813537
Valalta d.o.o. Cesta Valalta-Lim bb Tel. +385(0)52811226
Željko Lanča Cesta za Valaltu-Lim 1 Tel. +385(0)52821009,
Dario Malusa 43. istarske divizije 15 Tel. +385(0)52817138,
Mladen Matošević Cesta za Valaltu-Lim 14A Tel. +385(0)52821011,
Klaudio Pokrajac Rovinjsko selo bb Tel. +385(0)52848447,
Mirko Popović Montero 1 Tel. +385(0)989466508  
Giansandro Rudan Valrosa bb Tel. +385(0)52814244,
Anton Šturman Rovinjsko selo 29 Tel. +385(0)995987503  
Klaudio Šturman Rovinjsko selo 10 Tel. +385(0)52848506,
OPG Maurizio Kresina   Tel. +385(0)98420328
OPG Kresina   Tel. +385(0)915630605
OPG Barbaro   Tel. +385(0)98255513
Brstilo Ante   Tel. +385(0)911811343
Goran Mühlstein   Tel. +385(0)98335495
Dario Činić   Tel. +385(0)98211467
OPG Petar Šuran   Tel. +385(0)995289960
OPG Korado Sergović   Tel. +385(0)98254159
OPG Peteh   Tel. +385(0)912511093
OPG Miroslav Stanišić Veštar 10 Tel. +385(0)996949230


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