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07.10.2017 - 14.10.2017, Rovinj Restaurants

On the paths of Rovinj delicacies

Udruženje obrtnika Rovinj
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Tourist Board of Rovinj Rovigno

Photographer: Dalibor Talajić
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  1. Restaurant “BRANCIN DA NINO” Rovinj, Trg Pignaton 8, tel. 052/811-530, 098 2811530
    Fish menu: “Colore” octopus salad; Rombo rosso (brill in red sauce) with polenta; Honey and truffle panna cotta; Glass of wine
    Meat menu: Mozzarella with prosciutto and truffles; Rump steak in basil sauce with baked potatoes; Caramel panna cotta; Glass of wine

  2. Restaurant “DREAM” Rovinj, Joakima Rakovca 18, tel. 052/830-613, 091 5799239
    Fish menu: “Seafood Trio”; Black homemade tagliatelle with anglerfish and cranberry; Lemon panna cotta; Glass of wine
    Meat menu: Tomato soup with ginger and zucchini cream; Bacon-wrapped pork tenderloin medallions; Rice with figs; Orange cake; Glass of wine

  3. Restaurant “DARIO” Rovinj, Pulska 3, 052/830-555, 098 480687
    Fish menu: Thick seafood and barley soup; “Kadel” shark steaks with chard and potatoes; English pancakes with lemon juice; 0.25L of Laguna Malvasia
    Meat menu: Ragù soup; Stuffed pork fillet with grilled vegetables; Panna cotta with wild berries; 0.25L of Laguna Merlot

  4. Restaurant “CALISONA” Rovinj, Trg na mostu 4, tel. 052/815-313, 095 5660599
    Fish menu: Fresh spaghetti alla chitarra with porcini mushrooms and squid; Oven-baked Gilt-head sea bream; Cake; Glass of Matošević Malvasia
    Meat menu: Fresh spaghetti alla chitarra with porcini mushrooms; Stewed goat kid; Cake; Glass of Matošević Teran

  5. Restaurant “SIDRO” Rovinj, A. Rismondo14, tel. 052/813-471, 091 5593267
    Fish menu: Tuna pâté and baccalà mantecato (creamed codfish); Bavette pasta with seafood; Salmon fillet; Cake; Glass of wine or beer
    Meat menu: Kaymak (clotted cream) and Urnebes salad; Stuffed grape leaves; Burger (patty); Cake; Glass of wine or beer

  6. Eatery “VOLLEY FERATA” Rovinj, Kolodvorsko šetalište 3, tel. 098 1806238
    Fish menu: Octopus salad; Tuna steak with chard and potatoes; Panna cotta; Glass of Vivoda wine
    Meat menu: Istrian maneštra; “Ferata” steak with sauce and vegetables; Crepes; Glass of Vivoda wine

  7. Restaurant “FORTUNA” Rovinj, A. Rismondo 3, tel. 052/813-450, 097 7008008
    Fish menu: Fish soup; “Rovinj Star” seafood risotto; Tiramisu; 0.2L of wine
    Meat menu: Tomato soup; Homemade fuži with sauce and mixed salad; Tiramisu; 0.2L of wine

  8. Restaurant “LA PERLA” Rovinj, Egidia Bullessicha 2, tel. 052/811-801, 098 9333511
    Fish menu: Rovinj-style fish stew and polenta with Mediterranean herbs; Tuna steak with cherry tomatoes and prawns; Homemade cake; Glass of Vivoda Malvasia
    Meat menu: Fuži with prosciutto and porcini mushrooms; Bacon-wrapped pork medallions in fennel sauce; Homemade Cake; Glass of Vivoda Merlot

  9. Restaurant “LOVOR” Rovinj, Vladimira Nazora bb, tel. 052/815-964, 091 2050064
    Fish menu: Marinated sardines; Sole fish in lemon and almond sauce, grilled zucchini and buttered potatoes; Homemade cake; Glass of white Ravalico Wine
    Meat menu: Leek and mushroom frittata; Pork fillet with grilled vegetables and saffron rice; Homemade cake; Glass of red Legović wine

  10. Restaurant “MASLINA” Rovinj, Stjepana Radića 29, tel. 052/812-571, 091 2050033
    Fish menu: Gnocchi with porcini mushrooms and shrimps; Fried fresh hake and vegetables; Apple strudel with vanilla sauce; Glass of wine
    Meat menu: Gnocchi with curd and bacon, Medallions with porcini mushrooms; Apple strudel with vanilla sauce; Glass of wine

The listed delicacies will be available at the promotional price of HRK 120 per menu.



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