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For the purpose of stimulating the development of attractive and competitive value-added destination offerings during the preseason and postseason period (hereinafter referred to as the PPS Period), the Croatian National Tourist Board launched the “Croatia 365” project in July of 2014. Rovinj was among the destinations selected by CNTB’s Committee based on their nominations for the implementation of the project and has been awarded a PPS Destination (preseason and postseason) designation. In 2015, the destinations of Bale, Kanfanar and Svetvičenat joined Rovinj in the PPS project, forming the combined “Rovinj, Bale, Kanfanar, Svetvičenat PPS Destination”.  

In addition to being available to target geo-markets up to 6 hours away, the inclusion in the project and award of a PPS Destination designation is also conditional upon the availability and business activities of a particular share of accommodation capacities, hospitality establishments and other supporting tourist and public amenities and services offered at the destination during the preseason and postseason period, including as a minimum the period from 15 May to 30 June and from 1 September to 15 October. Tourist products will be specifically developed and promoted for such period: culture, wine and gastronomy, active holidays, cycling, health and wellness, business travel. Production teams selected among the participants in the Croatia 365 PPS Destination project will be responsible for developing and promoting such products at the destination. On the level of the Rovinj, Bale, Kanfanar, Svetvičenat PPS Destination, a PPS Club has been established, comprising all participants in the PPS program, and the rules for the establishment and operation of the Rovinj, Bale, Kanfanar, Svetvičenat PPS Destination are provided below.


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